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Thrive with a quirky vibe.™

The Quirky Consultant story

We’re a group of big city folks with small town values. We’ve got a knack for business humor and cutting through bullsh*t with the sharpness of an Obsidian blade. Seeing things the way we do and calling things for what they are, we became the Quirky Consultants, a team of trend-setting (self-appointed, but still) entrepreneurs who believe professionalism and a dash of eccentricity can go hand in hand.

A new kind of empowerment

Quirky Consultant is a brand designed to empower professionals to express their individuality in unique and office-appropriate ways. With a passion for casualwear and an eye for office-appropriateness, we put our skills to the test by creating clever and witty pieces for bustling professionals. 

Our headquarters is a hub of creativity, where brainstorming sessions involve random spiked seltzers (we’re spiked seltzer enthusiasts), healthy (and unhealthy) snacks, and a pomeranian who gets zoomies like no other (seriously, IG could never).

Embrace your quirks

We hope to empower you to embrace your quirks and break free from the ordinary through unique and workplace-appropriate pieces. Our pieces can serve as workplace gifts for colleagues, corporate gifts, personal statement pieces, and more to make subtly bold statements (without being extra).