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The Quirky Consultant story

We’re a group of big city folks with small town values. We’ve got a knack for business humor and cutting through bullsh*t with the sharpness of an Obsidian blade. Seeing things the way we do and calling things for what they are, we became the Quirky Consultants, a team of trend-setting (self-appointed, but still) entrepreneurs who believe professionalism and a dash of eccentricity can go hand in hand.

Thrive with a quirky vibe.™

Our quirked-up spot (HQ)

Our headquarters is a hub of creativity, where brainstorming sessions involve random spiked seltzers (we’re spiked seltzer enthusiasts), healthy (and unhealthy) snacks, and a Pomeranian who gets zoomies like no other (seriously, IG could never).

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Free shipping on all US orders with no minimums

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