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lessons x Quirky Consultant

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lessons x Quirky Consultant is a collection of helpful tips given by industry experts, taken from original interviews conducted by Quirky Consultant. The guide includes advice on business, branding, leadership, and life from successful experts with a track record of success. It offers easy-to-understand insights and practical guidance, helping you improve your businesses, build a strong brand, become a better leader, and make the most of life's opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, this guide provides valuable knowledge to navigate various aspects of personal and professional life.

lessons x Quirky Consultant features teachings by:

Peter Docker, co-authored Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team with Simon Sinek and David Mead
Peter Ruppert, CEO of Fusion Education Group
Lisa Curtis, founder of Kuli Kuli
Josh Leyva, founder of Salud, model, and podcaster
Yael Cohen Aris, international model with over 1M IG followers
Ivan Estrada, real estate and branding expert and TedX speaker
Lesa Milan, RHODUBAI star and founder of Mina Roe
Siew Pui Yi (aka MSPUIYI), international model with over 22M IG followers, singer, and DJ
Ryan Gunnigle, owner and CEO of Kids2, a $350M+ toy business

The content in this guide has been aggregated from a series of published and unpublished Quirky Consultant articles.

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