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by Quirky Consultant

Founder's Journey Unrelatable Edition x Quirky Consultant

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Founder's Journey Unrelatable Edition x Quirky Consultant gives you a glimpse into the unrelatable experiences successful founders have faced on their way to achieving their goals. These founders share examples that might not follow the typical script, providing a fresh perspective on the twists and turns of entrepreneurship. By exploring these distinctive narratives, you can gain inspiration, learn from their unconventional approaches, and apply their insights to your own journey.

This guide features real-world entrepreneurial experiences provided by the following:

Jordan Cullen, Founder at Cullen Jewellery
April White, President and Founder at Trust Relations
Isabella Rosal, Entrepreneur and Master Rummelier™
Jeffrey Fidelman, Freelance CFO
Jeffrey Zuckerman, CEO at Main Street Events
Laura Weaving, Founder at Duo Global Consulting
Alisha McFetridge, Co-Founder and CEO at Rainstick
Brian David Crane, Founder of Spread Great Ideas
Celia Balson, Founder at Work Friendly
Greg Wittstock, Owner and CEO of Aquascape, Inc
Kris Kozamchak, Founder at Chanan Communications
Chandra Clarke, Author
Debra Whitson, Attorney and Entrepreneur
Kelly Unger, Co-Founder at Epic Health and Fitness
Lauren Imparato, Co-Founder and CEO at The Association
Maxine Fensom, Adult Entertainment Entrepreneur
Geff Woodward, Founder and CEO of VeraScore
Quynh Mai, Founder & CEO at Qulture
Robert Pallone, Co-Founder at Chinola
Stephanie Coultress O’Neill, Entrepreneur
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