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by Quirky Consultant

Founder's Journey Mistakes Edition x Quirky Consultant

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Founder's Journey Mistakes Edition x Quirky Consultant is a guide filled with teachings directly from successful entrepreneurs who want to help by sharing the mistakes they've made. Learn from the mistakes these entrepreneurs made and the lessons they learned. It's a fantastic opportunity to avoid those same mistakes and make your own path to success a bit smoother.

This guide features real-world entrepreneurial experiences provided by the following:

Beth Geddio, Chief Encouragement Officer of State of Being
Keziah Colleton, Founder at Colleton Law, PLLC
Susie deVille, Author, Coach, Entrepreneur
Walt Danley, Walt Danley Christie’s International Real Estate
Dr. Yasmene Mumby, Founder at The Ringgold
Nenad Milanovic, Founder at COING
Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith, Founder at Film Festival Doctor
Riggs Eckelberry, Co-Founder at OriginClear
Steve Weinberger, Sr. MD at HCR Wealth Advisors
Jim Frawley, Founder and CEO at Bellwether
Jordan Cullen, Founder at Cullen Jewellery
Kelly Mosser, Entrepreneur and global top 2% podcaster
Melvin Petty, CEO/Managing Partner at ERP International
Angelo Ciaramello, Founder at The Funded Trader
April White, President and Founder at Trust Relations
Filip Pejic, Bubble Tea Entrepreneur
Jonathan Bronfman, Entrepreneur
Isabella Rosal, Entrepreneur and Master Rummelier
Steven Giacona, CPA®, MST, TEP, Founder at RTWM
Suzie Cyrenne, Entrepreneur and Certified Homeopath
Trisha Bantigue, CEO and Co-Founder at Queenly
Sara Gifford, Co-Founder and COO at ActiVote
Ralph SuttonEntrepreneur and Radio Host
Reham Essa, Founder and CEO at Radixir
Richard Boyd, Founder and CEO of Tanjo AI
Sandra Guibord, CEO and Founder of Sandra’s Wine Life
Sejal Lakhani-Bhatt, CEO of TechWerxe and CloudWerxe
Somer Baburek, President and CEO of Hera Biotech
Steven Gerein, Founder of SongShop
Jeffrey Fidelman, Freelance CFO
Dr. Elizabeth Clayborne, Founder at NasaClip

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